Thursday, January 27, 2011

Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

Justin Bieber Singing Dolls have captured the imagination of one and all especially teenaged people. As a young boy and with a pre-pubescent voice his songs like "I just want somebody to love" he has created a Bieber fever among his listeners. Coupled with his sweet voice, appearance as a teen aged boy in tight black jeans, black long t-shirt with his sixteen year old physique with a microphone in his hand he has become a craze for the youth. Hence his own replicates as dolls have become equally much sought after ones by the youth.

This is one of the many variations of the Justin Bieber Dolls. These dolls are special since they can imitate singing some of Bieber's greatest hits which are very popular with children. They are about 12 inches tall, they are big enough for children to admire and consider as a real life companion to play with. There is a thirty seconds long built-in songs clipped from his popular songs such as "Baby" or "One Less Lonely Girl" etc. Further, these dolls come with the outfits resembling what this wore in his music videos put up in YouTube for viewers world over which instantly attracted the attention of youth so much so recording people were queuing up to sign him for a recording deal. Thus the singing doll gives an impression of real Justin Bieber singing in front of children and looking very authentic. Thus children love to possess and develop companionship with these dolls.

Justin Bieber Singing Dolls come with plenty of accessories like microphone, sunglasses, a guitar, ball caps, runners, t-shirts, an autograph book with signature in embroidery work, with Justin Bieber photo frame and a special collectable mini bag. These dolls are available in five different poses and style each with built in thirty second song clips. One can buy this from very popular music video outlets. Big Malls sell these Justin Bieber Singing Dolls especially during Christmas time. You can order this on-line through sites such as Amazon.com or e-Bay. These sites even take advance booking orders.

justin-bieber-singing-dolls have proved to be very popular and well sought item in Google search. It is a great gift item for children. For a cost around $26 you can possess and hear Bieber's voice many times over till you are satisfied.

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