Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Justin Bieber Singing Doll, Learn How to Get Yours Before They Are All Gone!

New for XMAS 2010 is the Justin Bieber Singing Doll. With Justin currently being the hottest male or female recording artist on the planet these dolls will no doubt be the hottest most sought after XMAS present for 2010 with kids who have Bieber Fever. For all you parents who DON'T want to disappoint your kids who have the fever, keep reading and learn how to get your Justin Bieber Singing Doll before they're all gone!

It was announced in late Sept of this year (2010) that Justin would be coming out with something special for his devoted fans. Introducing Justin Bieber Toys... a toy line that includes 2 singing dolls, 3 basic dolls, 4 Teddy Bears and Silly Bandz.

Silly Bandz and I'm not talking about Justin's as those haven't even been released yet... Silly Bandz by themselves are one of the hottest toys selling at the moment believe it or not. They are like a dollar for 10 in a package, my grandkids buy them all the time.

In fact I'm looking at a stack of them on my desk right now as I'm writing this. My six year old granddaughter leaves them here as she says that way she knows right where they are! I'm not going to argue with that logic... okay back to the dolls.

The new line of Justin Bieber Toys is made up of three sections. The Music Video Collection, JB Style Collection and Signature Plush as well as the Silly Bandz. The Justin Bieber Singing Doll is from the Music Video Collection which is two dolls that sing 30 second clips of "Baby" and "One Less Lonely Girl."

The dolls are dressed in clothes that Justin wore in each of the music videos. "Baby" is Justin's signature song and just to give you an idea how big a hit it was... the music video for "Baby" has 360,000,000 views.

There's no doubt that these dolls will sell out when they hit the stores in December. But Bieber Fever fans and parents of the Bieber maniacs ARE NOT waiting until December. They are Pre Ordering now as that is currently the only way to guarantee they get a Justin Bieber Singing Doll this XMAS.

If if you want more info on the complete JB toy line you will find it here at Justin Bieber Toys.

To guarantee you will not disappoint a child who has Bieber Fever you can Pre Order now at Justin Bieber Singing Doll

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