Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Justin Bieber Concert Kit

Justin Bieber went from an online video start to an international singing superstar in a short time and Bieber fever has taken over the lives of young girls. One must have for the Bieber fan is the Justin Bieber Concert kit. This toy is available at most retailers and contains a microphone consisting of two 30 second clips of two of his big hits; 'One Time' and 'Somebody to Love', two concert sound effects, autograph book and marker, signature embroidered patch, and a Justin Bieber photo frame.

This kit will offer any child the opportunity to feel like they are participating in a convert with Justin Bieber as they use the microphone clips to sign along. Keep the picture frame in your room as if Justin is a personal friend and take the autograph book and collect signatures of your family and friends. Make them feel like the star of your world. Have an adult sew the patch onto your jacket and become the ultimate Bieber fan. If you have enough friends who have the patches you can create your own Bieber fan club.

Along with the concert kit there are other items available for purchase of pre order. These include such things as singing action figure that belts out 'Baby', Justin Bieber silly bandz, action figure that sings 'One Less Lonely Girl', several action figures dressed for certain occasions, and various clothing and fashion items.

The hot, new, must have toy item is being released just in time to become the coveted Christmas gift, December 12, 2010, and will retail for around twenty dollars per kit. What a great deal! In order to guarantee that you will have this item you your Bieber fan in time for Christmas just jump online and pre order it today.

If you have a Bieber fan in your home, young or old, there is sure to be some new toy item that has been released already or is scheduled to be released shortly, that will make your child happy.

Frank Catamon loves to write about the latest trends for toys. His latest two posts entitle: Justin Bieber Concert Kit and Justin Bieber Valentine Cards.

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