Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buy A Justin Bieber Heart Necklace For Valentine

Justin Bieber, a sixteen-year-old Canadian pop and R&B singer, has become a sensation across the globe. His sweet voice and great hair have made him nothing short of a heartthrob. So it's no surprise that girls are flocking for anything related to him. Of the many items to select from, perhaps necklaces are one of the best choices. How better to show one's affinity for the singing sensation than a justin bieber heart necklace?

There are many pieces of Bieber jewelry to choose from. Several styles include a script or print version of J.B.'s name, but one has two red hearts dangling from chains as well. This one can be found on Amazon.com or Hot Topic, listed as the Justin Bieber Logo Heart Necklace. It sells for around thirteen dollars. Another option is a photo charm necklace with a pretty blue heart around a picture. This necklace is twenty dollars on justinbieber.shop.bravadousa.com. If one is looking for a more punk option, there is also a dog tag necklace on the previously listed website with a photo on one side and a pink heart pattern and signature print on the back. This piece costs twenty dollars. Finally, the website also offers a heart-shaped friendship necklace. Perfect for a young fan to share her love of Justin with her best friend! This item costs thirty dollars. These are just a few examples of Justin Bieber necklaces; there are more to be found online and in stores.

All of these necklaces are great examples of fan jewelry. Young fans like to show their love and support by wearing celebrities' images and names. Part of it is their own affection and part is that they want to be included in what their peers like. When it comes to having a teen idol, one can't go wrong with a nice kid like Justin. So, even if parents have no clue who he is it does not mean that he isn't a good role model or that their kids should not enjoy him. Justin's heart jewelry is likely to be on one or two Christmas wish lists this year, so get shopping!

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